3 Common Troubles of the Fuel System

The fuel system has a pretty easy job in relation to many other vehicle systems, or so it seems. All it needs to do is get the gas stored in the gas tank to the combustion chamber. While it sounds simple enough this task actually requires several parts to work together in order to get this job done correctly. The fuel pump pushes gasoline from the tank through the fuel lines toward the engine, the fuel filter ensures there is no contaminants in the gas, and the fuel injectors spray the correct amount of gasoline into the combustion chamber to keep the engine running smooth.

If any of these parts of the fuel system were to fail you would likely experience a rough idle, poor acceleration, decreased power or even a vehicle that won’t start. If you begin to notice any of these issues get to a shop right away, as the problem will only get worse. These are the most common troubles the fuel system experiences.

Failed Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is tasked with getting gasoline out of the fuel tank and pushed down the fuel lines to the engine. Since the gas tank is most often in the rear of a vehicle this journey is actually quite long. Signs of a failing fuel pump generally include an engine that cranks over several times before starting, stalling while driving or no starting. Fuel pumps don’t fail often but they will do so after many years and miles of use.

Clogged Fuel Filter

On most vehicles changing the fuel filter is relatively simple. This is a service that needs to be done at regular mileage intervals, according to your owner’s manual. It is necessary to have a clean fuel filter to ensure there is no dirt, excessive water or other debris within the fuel that will be burnt up within your engine. Clean gasoline is essential for a smooth running engine, if the filter is clogged you will likely experience a very rough idle as sufficient amounts of fuel can’t get to the motor.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

If the fuel filter is not replaced as necessary it is likely that the fuel injectors will eventually become clogged due to the contaminants that is passing through the fuel system. If the fuel injectors become gummed up they will not be able to spray the correct amount of gasoline into the combustion chamber to be mixed with air in order to create the explosion the powers your engine. This means your vehicle will lack power and suffer from poor acceleration.

If you’re having trouble getting up to speed or experiencing a rough idle there is a good chance you’re having issues within the fuel system. If you need fuel pump repair in Gretna, or other fuel system service, be sure to head to West Transmissions Total Auto Care. Our team will quickly identify and repair any issue with your vehicle, including troubles with the fuel system, brakes, engine and of course the tranmission. Give us a call today at 504-362-6947to request an estimate for superior auto repair in Gretna .

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