3 Signs it’s Time for Clutch Repair

In an automobile a clutch is a lever that regulates distribution of power in two places. First of all it controls the amount of power that the engine produces and second, it regulates how that power is distributed to the wheels. When the clutch pedal is depressed the gears of the transmission and flywheel are able to connect in order to downshift or upshift in order to change the amount of power being produced. While downshifting will create more power in the engine, upshifting allows the car to go faster without blowing up the engine, quite literally. If the clutch begins to have problems you will likely encounter one or all of these three signs of clutch failure.

Gears Slipping

If your transmission seems to always be slipping out of gear or if the car seems to suddenly lurch or jerk forward as you drive there is a good chance that the clutch is worn down and needs to be replaced. But there is another common cause of this sort of problem. An engine oil leak that drips onto the clutch plate can cause excess lubrication which will result in the gears slipping into neutral.

Tough Clutch

If the clutch becomes hard to push down or if it seems to rest closer to the floor than it use to you may have a problem with the hydraulic linkage connected to the clutch. There is a good chance that it will just need an adjustment, but if it has begun to leak hydraulic fluid there will be a complete loss of pressure and the linkage will need to be replaced. This procedure usually dictates a new clutch as well.

Burning Paper Smell

The most common symptom of clutch trouble is a burning paper smell. Most often this smell will occur during heavy traffic when the clutch is being pushed in and out constantly. But if it becomes a regular occurrence there is a good chance that the clutch plate has worn thin and is due for a replacement. The smell is often described as that of burning paper but you may remember it from when you were first learning how to drive a clutch.

Clutch problems that are not attended to will only lead to other trouble for the transmission so if you suspect an issue don’t delay heading to the transmission repair shop.. For professional clutch repair in Gretna bring your vehicle to West Transmissions Total Auto Care. Our team is dedicated to the health of your car! Give us a call at 504-362-6947. and schedule an appointment or request a quote today.

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