4 Signs of Suspension Problems

Do you enjoy your smooth ride? You can thank your vehicle’s suspension system! But the shocks and struts in your car do a lot more than just make rides on bumpy roads more comfortable. The suspension helps keep your car from rolling over while cornering and ensures all the tires are on the ground for better control and braking. If you experience any of these signs of suspension failure visit a mechanic right away to keep your ride comfy and safe.

Oily Struts
Shocks and struts use a specialized fluid to keep your ride smooth. A sign that they are going bad will be oily fluid dripping along the outside of them. This means the fluid is leaking and if you haven’t already, you’re going to lose ride comfort along and notice your car bouncing up and down much more.

One Corner of the Car Seems Lower
If you notice that one corner, or one tire of your car is sitting lower than the rest, but the tire still has air, then it is likely because the suspension components at that location have failed. This will cause your car to drift to one side, cause alignment issues, and cause your tires to wear quicker.

Rolling Sensation
When traveling around corners at reasonable speeds you should feel like you’re in total control of your vehicle. If you get the sensation that the car is going to roll, spin out or just not go where you want it to, you likely have suspension issues. This happens because the suspension system shifts the vehicles center of balance while turning. If it fails and can’t do this your vehicle is more likely to roll.

One of the quickest tests that you can do to test your suspension is push on the hood or the truck and watch the vehicle’s reaction. It should bounce up and down 2-3 times before returning to normal ride height. If the vehicle continues to bounce you likely have worn out parts and you will need suspension repair.

Don’t delay fixing suspension problems. This system plays a vital role in keep you safe as you drive down the road. For suspension repair in Gretna bring your vehicle to West Transmissions Total Auto Care. Our expert mechanics will be able to diagnose the problem and get you back behind the wheel of a comfy ride in no time. As a full service auto shop we provide many other services including transmission repair, brake repair, scheduled maintenance and more. Call West Transmissions at 504-362-6947 to schedule an appointment for auto repair in Gretna today!

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