5 Tips for Avoiding Costly Auto Repairs

It’s been said an ounce of prevention is worth a pounds of cure, and that axiom is certainly true when it comes to auto care. Spending a little time and money on auto maintenance now saves lots of cash and stress later by helping avoid costly breakdowns and auto repairs down the road. Engine and transmission work can be expensive, so follow these five tips for avoiding expensive auto repairs.

  1. Check your Fluids
    A variety of fluids lubricate the moving parts under your hood, preventing overheating and protecting your engine from damage. Regularly inspecting and changing fluids when low or dirty helps protect your vehicle from break-downs and the need for costly auto repair.
  2. Regular Transmission Service
    Changing your oil regularly is a no-brainer, but many don’t know expensive transmission failure can be prevented by paying attention to their vehicle’s service calendar. Transmission service and transmission fluid flushing prolongs the life of your transmission, potentially saving thousands of dollars in repairs.
  3. Don’t Ignore Problems
    Your vehicle gives you warning signs when something is wrong. An unusual noise, a strange driving sensation, the ‘check engine light’ flashing on – don’t shrug off the warnings your vehicle gives you. Even if you don’t speak ‘automobile’, you local auto repair shop can quickly (and often without charge) diagnose your car’s trouble based on the symptoms you’re experiencing and professional diagnostics.
  4. Keep It Cool
    Overheating is the arch enemy of any vehicle. Excessive heat is a leading cause of transmission and engine failure, both of which are expensive to repair. Occasionally checking the coolant level in the reservoir and the radiator (never check when hot!) is a good start, but having your vehicle’s cooling system serviced by a certified professional is the best way to prevent damage from overheating.
  5. Professional Help
    No matter how well you try take care of your vehicle, unless you’re a professional with specific tools, there are some automotive maintenance procedures that you just can’t do. If you need affordable automotive repair, vehicle maintenance or transmission repair in Gretna or New Orleans, West Transmission can be reached at 504-362-6947. Don’t forget to check out the special offers for money-saving coupons.

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