7 Signs of Transmission Failure

While some vehicles are more prone to transmission failure than others, it’s inevitable that if you drive your car long enough, the transmission will eventually wear out. However, if you bring your vehicle in to a reliable transmission repair center at the first signs of trouble, it’s more likely that minor repairs will help you avert a full rebuild. If you notice any of the following seven symptoms, you should bring your car in for diagnostics.

1. Difficulty getting the car into gear

Does your vehicle hesitate when you put it into gear? Or do you make several attempts before it falls into gear? If so, it’s a sign of worn transmission parts, with transmission failure just around the corner.

2. Random shifting while driving

A worn transmission has difficulty keeping the vehicle in gear while it’s moving. If you experience random gear shifts, or if your car falls in and out of gear for no apparent reason, it’s time to have the transmission checked out.

3. Jerking while shifting gears

Your transmission is built to shift gears smoothly. If you notice a more violent jerk between one gear and the next, it’s a sign of trouble.

4. Shaking, shimmying or grinding between gears

When the clutch is failing in standard transmissions, you’ll begin to hear a grinding sound when shifting gears. In an automatic transmission, the equivalent symptom is a shimmy or shake between gears. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s time to have the transmission inspected.

5. Whines, buzzes or clunks

There are obviously lots of parts on your car that can cause whines, buzzes or clunky sounds, so it isn’t always the transmission. However, these noises certainly mean it’s worth going in for a free diagnostic, especially if the whining happens when the car is in neutral.

6. “Burnt” transmission fluid

When the transmission is working correctly, the fluid will be a bright, clear, red color with a sweet smell. When the transmission is starting to fail, the fluid will be dark, opaque, or have a “burnt” smell.

7. Leaky transmission fluid

If the red fluid shows up on your driveway or the floor of your garage, it’s a sign of leaking transmission fluid. This doesn’t automatically point to the need for transmission repairs, but if you don’t get the leak fixed the transmission is likely to fail more quickly.

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