How Can Routine Auto Maintenance Save You Money?

When a vehicle rolls off of the assembly line it already has planned dates with the mechanic. If you look in the owner’s manual of your vehicle you will find a service schedule that details all of the maintenance it will require up to 100,000 miles or more. If you want your car to run for years and years without a need for repair it is imperative that you have these services completed on time, every time. It may seem strange to pay to have your vehicle serviced if it does not seem to be having any sort of trouble. But wouldn’t you rather pay just a little now instead of a lot down the road? Preventative maintenance is key to a long vehicle life.

Preventative Auto Maintenance

Just like humans are supposed to have annual check ups with their physician, cars and trucks need to be serviced by technicians in order to prevent problems as well as detect issues that may be on the verge of causing a breakdown or some other sort of problem. Wouldn’t you rather spend $200 now to have a timing belt replaced instead of $2,000 to have the belt replaced after it snapped and caused major engine damage?

Another important reason to keep up with the services listed in your owner’s manual is to ensure that your warranty remains valid. More than likely if you skip any of these services it will result in your warranty being tossed out the window.

Common types of auto maintenance.

Auto maintenance can include a wide variety of services. To find out what services your car requires and when just follow the guide in your owner’s manual. These are some of the most common services required by modern automobiles.

  • Fluid Flush – Vehicles use a variety of fluids to operate there different systems, such as the brakes, power steering, transmission and cooling system. On occasion these fluids need to be drained and refilled in order to keep the liquid clean and the system operating right.
  • Timing Belt Replacement – The timing belt ensures that the engine runs like a swiss watch. If it becomes loose or even snaps it can result in much damage to the engine of the vehicle. This generally needs to be replaced every 70,000 – 105,000 miles.
  • Oil Changes – The most common type of maintenance a vehicle will require is an oil change. This ensures the motor is properly lubricated, preventing unwanted friction and wear and tear between its moving parts.

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