How Important are Oil Changes for my Car?

No matter what you drive it requires regular maintenance in order to properly operate. Whether you need a cooling system flush or a complete 30/60/90K checkup, these services are incredibly important to do if you want to ensure your car has a long and healthy roadlife. While these services only need to be done every few years or so, there is another services that is imperative to the health of your car that needs to happen on a much more regular basis, usually between every 3,000 and 7,500 miles. Every time you have the oil changed it breathes new life into the vehicle. This service serves a few important functions, and if it goes undone you will run the risk of having to conduct expensive engine repair.

Regulates Engine Temperature

Sure, the cooling system does most of the work in this regard, but oil helps lower the operating temperature of the engine in a way that coolant can’t. Oil is engineered to absorb heat inside the engine in places that coolant can’t reach, but it also helps prevent the creation of excess heat by keeping parts lubricated so there is no heat friction produced from metal on metal contact. As oil ages it will lose its properties that allow it to absorb heat and provide decent lubrication.

Cleans out the Engine

While motor oil is circulating through the engine it collects impurities such as dirt, dust and metal flakes that have made their way inside. As is collects these contaminants the oil loses its smooth feel and begins to turn into a gunky liquid. This gunk makes it harder for the engine to operate, causing a loss in MPGs and overall engine power. Not only that but this gunk can clog the oil filter, preventing oil from properly flowing and essentially starving the engine of oil, putting it at risk of major metal on metal contact that will lead to big damage. When the oil is changed all this gunk is drained out and the filter is replaced, restoring engine power, fuel efficiency and oil flow.

Proper Lubrication

While this may seem like a given, it is important to point out that the main reason you need to complete oil changes on time, every time is so that the engine remains properly lubricated. Oil prevents harsh contact between the moving parts of the engine, helping to prevent the chances of damaged caused by low oil flow that results in metal grinding on metal.

Make sure your car is happy and healthy and never skip an oil change. This service will allow your car will remain on the road for miles and miles. If you need an oil change in Gretna head to West Transmissions Total Auto Care. We conduct all sorts of routine auto maintenance and repair, and of course complete automatic and manual transmission service. Give our team a ring anytime you experience car trouble and let us help you get back on the road, quick! Call West Transmissions at 504-362-6947 to schedule an appointment for superior auto repair in Gretna today!

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