Major Signs of Engine Failure

The engine in your vehicle is what creates the necessary power to turn the wheels and get you to all the places that you want to go. If the engine suffers any sort of damage due to high mileage, improper lubrication or even something such as detonation, you’re going to find yourself having trouble getting your car started or you’ll experience a rough idle that can cause your vehicle to constantly stall and get horrendous fuel efficiency. If you notice any of the following problems you can bet on the fact that there is some sort of internal motor trouble that will need to be addressed to restore your vehicle’s driveability.

Increased Amounts of Exhaust

One of the most common signs of engine trouble is an increased amount of exhaust pouring out of the tailpipe. You can often tell what type of trouble the engine is having by the color of the smoker. Black smoke usually indicates excessive amounts of fuel is burning inside the engine. This causes high heat and can result in decreased fuel efficiency as well as several other problems for your vehicle’s engine. If the smoke is blue there’s a good chance that there is an internal oil leak that is allowing the oil to be burnt up with the gasoline, putting your engine at risk of improper lubrication. White smoke generally means coolant is leaking into the detonation chamber. This puts your car at risk of overheating and causing more serious engine trouble.

Engine Knocking

If you hear a knocking noise coming from under the hood there’s a good chance that the engine bearings are beginning to wear out. These bearings or what all the moving parts of the engine rest on and if they are unable to support them anymore, due to a lack of lubrication or high mileage wear and tear, they will begin to knock. The knocking noise will rise and fall with the vehicle RPMs. Many times this problem will result in a need to rebuild the bottom end of the engine.

General Lack of Power

If you begin to experience a lack of power, such as a decreased ability to accelerate, you might have a problem with the fuel delivery system. However, if it is related to engine trouble it may be caused by a lack of compression or a cracked engine block. To get to the root cause of the problem Be sure to let a certified mechanic take a look under the hood.

Engine trouble should not be dealt with lightly. At the first sign of a problem be sure to make an appointment with your local mechanic to keep repairs at a minimum. For superior engine repair in Gretna contact the professional mechanics at West Transmissions – Total Auto Care. We specialize in transmission repair but conduct all sorts of auto repair & maintenance for all import and domestic vehicles. Give West Transmissions a call today at 504-362-6947 to request an appointment.