The Importance of Automatic Transmission Fluid

The 1940 model year was a milestone for General Motors. On Oldsmobile and Cadillac models they offered the first mass produced fully automatic transmission. Coined the Hydra-Matic by GM, this transmission forever changed the way automobiles could be driven. Modern automatic transmission are now integrated with computers to help ensure smooth shifting and the proper transfer or power, but they still heavily rely on automatic transmission fluid. Problems with ATF could eventually cause major issues for your whole transmission. It is important to have your automatic transmission serviced according to your manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure you avoid the following issues.

Low Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluid does not burn off like oil, nor does it evaporate, which means that low transmission fluid is caused by one of two things. The first is human error. If the fluid reservoir is not properly filled during service it will lead to major transmission issues. The second issue that can cause low transmission fluid is an automatic transmission fluid leak. Which brings us to our next topic.

Leaking Automatic Transmission Fluid

If you find a reddish colored fluid in your driveway there is a good chance that you have a an ATF leak. Common leak areas include the transmission drain hole, where the transmission filler tube connects to the transmission and the seal between the transmission and the engine. A leak means there is insufficient fluid for the transmission to operate, which can lead to gear slippage, delayed response and lack of acceleration.

Clogged Transmission Fluid Filter

Another reason it is important to ensure you service your automatic transmission is to have the transmission filter cleaned or replaced. If the filter becomes clogged then the fluid won’t be able to properly circulate throughout the transmission. Common transmission problems can be resolved with an ATF flush and filter change. If you’re having trouble getting through the gears, start with this service to see if it helps.

Don’t let your transmission trouble wear you or the rest of the car down. As stated, many issues can be taken care of by ensuring proper levels of transmission fluid. If you need manual or automatic transmission service in Gretna contact West Transmission Total Auto Care. Our team of expert transmission mechanics can perform scheduled maintenance and other transmission repair at our full service Gretna auto shop. Give us a call today at (504) 613-4987 to schedule an appointment or request a quote for honest auto repair in Gretna!

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