What’s Happens During a Tune Up?

In the early years of automobiling vehicle engines and their various system had to be constantly tuned in order to keep them operating properly. This was particularly true for the carburetor, which is where air mixed with gasoline prior to being fed to the engine. These days vehicles don’t use many parts that were once the norm on what are now antique and classic cars. Yet the term used then for general auto repair, turn up, endures today. While it still refers to services that are necessary to keep the car running right, many of these maintenances have changed drastically. Ask 10 mechanics what a tune up is and you’ll likely get 10 varying answers. Here are a few common services that are done during a tune up.

Spark Plug Replacement

One service that hasn’t changed since the advent of the internal combustion engine is the need to change spark plugs when they become dirty or corroded, which most vehicles need about every 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

Air Filter Replacement

Modern air filters are highly refined to capture the most minute particles that may be floating through the air. If all of the contaminants that it traps clog the air filter it may prevent the correct air and fuel mixture from being created. For this reason it is necessary to change the air filter as needed.

Fuel Filter Replacement

The fuel filter ensures the gas that gets to the engine is free of any debris that may cause problems inside the motor. If the fuel filter becomes stuffed up with gunk it will prevent the gasoline from flowing freely.

Fuel Injector Cleaning

The injectors need to be cleaned on occasion to ensure they’re able to spray the proper amount of fuel into the combustion chambers to ensure a properly running engine.

Smaller Services

  • Cabin Air Filter – While this doesn’t help your car run better this filter is designed to keep air that enters the passenger cabin through vents fresh.
  • Battery Terminal Cleaning – Corrosion on the battery cables or terminals may prevent your vehicle from starting.
  • Tire Pressure Check – It is important to maintain proper air pressure to ensure tires don’t wear excessively and fuel isn’t wasted.

Any time your vehicle seems be having trouble starting, idling or driving be sure to get in touch with a mechanic to have the problem resolved before it gets worse. For a great tune up in Gretna head to West Transmission and Total Auto Care. Our team of ASE Certified mechanics will be able to complete any service you need to keep your car running great! Call 504-362-6947.

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